Distributor Exclusive Distribution Agreement

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9 de abril de 2021
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9 de abril de 2021

The distribution agreements are as follows: the distributor sets the selling price and royalties for which supplier products are sold or conceded on the national territory. The distributor is solely responsible for the costs associated with the distribution of supplier products, including distribution fees, import duties, all bank fees, shipping and processing fees, installation or other operating costs, borrowing charges, transfer fees and other payment and tax charges, but which are determined , except that the distributor is not responsible for taxes based on the supplier`s revenues. This agreement is governed in all respects by the laws of the state [state] , of the United States, which apply without reference to a rule of conflict of laws under which, otherwise, different laws might apply. The United Nations Convention on International Contracts for the Sale of Goods does not apply to purchases or transactions made under this agreement. The jurisdiction for all actions brought by the parties to this agreement in connection with or as a result of this agreement is appropriate only before an appropriate state court or the United States District Court for the District of the District of the State. Distributor thus submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of these jurisdictions and accepts the service of the procedure by fax or confirmed commercial mail (returned to the sender with written verification of receipt). Finally, distribution agreements should include dispute resolution provisions. Whatever the right relationship between the supplier and the distributor, there is always a risk of litigation. 2 b) – Restrictions on Distributor`s activities The opposite of granting a right to market your products within a given geographic area prevents the distributor from actively seeking customers outside such an area. You may have designated other distributors in other geographic areas and all distributors expect to have “their” geographic area. Competition Protection Clause Under this section, you must decide whether your distributor must accept a competition protection clause that requires the distributor not to be allowed to manufacture, market or sell competing products during the life of the EDA.

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