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Very often, extensions include excavations for foundations, which falls within the definition of works observable under the Party Walls Act of 1996 (see image below of observable works). A wall is a party wall when it crosses the border of the country, which belongs to two (or more) different owners. This definition often applies to adjacent homes, such as townhouses or semi-detached houses. A wall is also considered a party wall when shared with other owners, such as the ceiling and floor of two properties, one under the other. Most documents use a model from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The agreement will contain all the details concerning the two households concerned as well as the evaluators involved. You may notice a third surveyor in the agreement, that is not a mistake. If two evaluators are involved in a party wall contract, a third is brought on board to resolve disputes if they arise. More than likely, you will never engage with this silent indicator. The walls of the party are located on the grounds of 2 or more owners and either: this is very often the case for loft and other extensions, because the party walls are usually the best option as supporting walls.

The reason is that the party wall has no openings such as windows or doors, so they ensure the strongest choice of a carrier wall. The 14-day period covered by Section 5 of the Act is the period during which the adjacent owner must give consent. If they do not agree before the end of the 14-day period, they must appoint a party surveyor. If they are unresored after another recall, the contractor must name someone on their behalf. A party wall could also include garden walls built along a border – this is called the party`s fence wall. Examples of working on a party wall for a loft transformation that requires a party partition agreement: it is advisable that they clearly say that the letter is a party voting decision. A party wall message should be sent to your neighbours to inform them of the work you intend to do on the party wall, between two months and a year before the work begins. The building permit is not necessary to send a party notice, and as you have up to a year to start work as soon as the notice has been sent, it is a good idea to do so as quickly as possible to avoid delays. You should first speak to your neighbours in person before you have sent a written message to assure them that you are taking the right path and precautions. This should help you avoid disputes or misunderstandings and allow for a quick agreement.

If you are an adjacent owner, you may find relief in the fact that Party Wall agreements also contain clauses dealing with the contractor`s work schedules. Indeed, the Party Walls Act of 1996 states that “a distinction may determine the time and manner in which each work is performed.” You may not need a wall party deal for a loft renovation. In general, you won`t need it if the work doesn`t contain a shared wall with an adjacent property. While non-compliance is not a crime, your neighbours can take civil action against you and issue an injunction to stop the work until a contract to strengthen the party is concluded. This delays your project and will probably increase your costs – your contractor may ask for compensation for the time he cannot work, or start another job and not return for several months.

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