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11 de abril de 2021
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11 de abril de 2021

Are you interested in diving or marathoning? Would you like to use your skills as a doctor or environmentalist to make a difference? Share your hobby or vocation with other club members, their spouses and rotaractors. Some Rotary Fellowships are purely social, others use their common interests and knowledge to carry out service projects. Careful planning and clear communication are essential to building a strong relationship. Like any other rewarding project, twinning takes time and effort. It is essential to ensure that each association has a clear understanding of its role and responsibilities in the partnership. In order to formalize the relationship of the twin club, the clubs should sign a contract letter outlining the objectives and length of the partnership. Some ideas for developing a strong relationship include, but are not limited to the following: An inter-insortic committee offers you the opportunity to work with rotary clubs or districts in two or more countries. You can work with a committee to carry out international service projects, sponsor a new Rotary Club or establish a twin relationship. Holding a video conference or a web club meeting At our joint project was to spread peace all over the world, so we got Rotaract Aundh, to say what they think of Sri Lanka and what our club said, what we feel about India, to have a good understanding of both countries, and to say that India and Sri Lanka have been two good friends since ancient times, and now we are doing it even more by being united.2 Joint Bulletin – Our common newsletter has focused on projects that each Rotaract Aundh and our club have implemented in order to have a mutual understanding of the projects and achieve more projects in the future. Once the adoption is confirmed in each district by the agreement of 2/3 of their active rotaract clubs, Rotaract clubs can already: The need to adapt to district procedures, especially for twin club relations 1.

Use a one-sided agreement model valid in each Philippine district 2. Follow the same procedures for pre-, during- and post-Agreement – Consider contacting local Rotaract clubs established in the city that is linked to your club driving session to evaluate suggestions for two/friends club relationships We are still joking about how the history of our two clubs is like a love story, with a happy ending. The parents met and liked the idea of meeting the children, the children started dating, and the two families decided to unite to do good. members of the club of the other club during the visit to the Rotaract club area of jurisdiction, as far as possible, provided that the Rotaract Club has communicated in advance the costs of broadcasting the visitor and that the arrangements to be granted to the guest member or visits have been agreed by the parties prior to the visit; and, each year, to hold at least one joint meeting, personal or virtual, to provide an opportunity for friendship and understanding among rotaract club members; and personal email from the DG/DRR/DRS After deciding what type of club would be an appropriate game, the next step is to look for a club that meets the defined criteria.

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