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one. Several names with different colors (some are a color, some are others) – adjectives of concordance that describe shades or degrees of intensity often change colors. Together, they form a compound color like the flight of roses (“light pink”), which is immutable. These adjectives of intensity include: When colors are combined, the match depends on what the colors accurately describe. Here are the shapes of some regular adjectives. Can you use it to describe the color of your own clothes? For example: There are some color adjectives in French that do not follow the general rule of agreement. These colors are immutable. This means that their spelling never changes. Let`s look at some color adjectives that are immutable in French and that are: This is a case where an agreement is useful because it gives you more details than what is available in the English translation.

Remember that the Orange adjective is immutable, no matter what. This means that the spelling of the adjective changes to equal the sex of the nostant. This is called an agreement. In this article, you will discover how to reconcile adjectives with the name they call: exceptions: purple and violet (purple), mauve (mauve), pink (pink), scarlet (scarlet red), tawn (fawn) and incarnate (crimson red), which correspond to the number and sex of the nomène they change. Example: The correspondence table below summarizes how adjectives follow the color of French grammar with singular plural male and male names. Let`s start with color, a feminine name, as in primary colors (“primary colors”) and complementary colors (“complementary colors”). The colors themselves are adjectives that describe something like a pretty green color (“a pretty green tone”). In French, adjectives should normally correspond to the nouns they change in sex and number.

However, there are many adjectives that do not match – they have a unique shape that does not change to reflect gender or number of names. These are called variable adjectives. B. These adjectives, derived from subtantifs, follow the normal rules of the adjective chord: If two or more colors describe a name, they may or may not accept:1) If there are elements of each color, the adjectives correspond: If you learn French, the names of colors are one of the first things you study.

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